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If you are renewing your property insurance after 1 July 2013, you should carefully check your next renewal notice (2013–14). If there is a significant increase in the base premium, you should seek an explanation from your insurer, and complain to the Monitor if unsatisfied. You should also consider shopping around.

Professor Allan Fels AO

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Professor Allan Fels AO is Victoria’s Fire Services Levy Monitor. The Monitor will oversee the abolition of the insurance-based fire services levy and provide advice and guidance to consumers and the insurance industry. For complaints and enquiries, call 1300 300 635.

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The way the Victorian Government collects money from households and businesses to pay for fire services has changed.

From 1 July 2013 a Fire Services Levy is no longer collected by insurance companies in property insurance premiums. Instead, local councils collect the funds through a levy – the Fire Services Property Levy – with rates.

Insurance companies must not charge consumers for the Fire Services Levy after 1 July 2013.

The Victorian Government appointed Professor Allan Fels as the Fire Services Levy Monitor to oversee the removal of the levy from insurance premiums.

The Monitor’s role is to ensure the levy is genuinely phased out of the insurance premiums of Victorian households and business.

If you have property insurance, you can find important information on this website to assist in the transition to the new levy arrangements.

For enquiries about the new levy, call 1300 300 635 or to make a complaint, visit our Complaints section.


Amnesty period for brokers and insurers 

The Monitor’s Office has been alerted to the fact that some brokers and underwriters have charged Fire Services Levy ("FSL") after 30 June 2013 as a consequence of adjustments after 30 June 2013 to policies incepted prior to 1 July 2013. In light of the abolition of the FSL from 1 July 2013, any FSL charged by brokers and underwriters in respect of these adjustments was not required by any insurance company to meet their statutory obligations to contribute to the funding of Victoria's fire services.  

The Monitor has provided an amnesty period, until 31 October 2014, for brokers and underwriters to assess their records, and if necessary, provide refunds to any policyholders that have been charged a FSL in respect of adjustments after 30 June 2013.

Brokers and insurers should refer to the following document for complete details of the amnesty: 

Link: Amnesty period for brokers and insurers.pdf

To be eligible for the amnesty, any broker or insurer that identifies cases of any FSL charged after 30 June 2013 in respect of adjustments, is required to complete the following form and provide it to the Monitor's office by 31 October 2014:

Link: Details of FSL charged.xls